Aucha logo at SGIP Domodedovo
26 November 2018

Radius Group has commissioned Europe’s largest warehouse for Auchan Retail

Radius Group has constructed Europe’s largest distribution center

Moscow,  November 2018 – Radius Group, the leading warehouse and real estate developer has completed the development and construction of the national logistics center for the French company Auchan. The total area of the commissioned building amounts to 109, 000 sq.m. The facility is one of the largest property investments by Auchan to date globally. The total project investment was 6 billion rubles.

Radius Group has successfully completed the first phase of the National Logistics Center (NCL) for Auchan. The property is a single-storey, non-standard shaped building designed for the storage and distribution of food and non-food products.

The warehouse complex has been built to BREEAM energy efficiency international standard requirements and it also meets Auchan’ s in-house requirements with regard to the compliance with the Western Fire Codes – AXA, NFPA.

“Despite the astonishing scale and complex technical requirements of the building, we have managed to complete the construction 1.5 months ahead of the schedule and on budget that is a rarity in today’s commercial real estate market,” tells Zakhar Valkov, Radius Group COO. We achieved these results thanks to the use of our innovative development – 5D BIM Radius InSite platform. The digital platform provided more opportunities for simulation and design of the projects. For example, 3D land plot screening has been made using aerial drones; data obtained from 3D land plot screening were uploaded to the model and enabled to compute the scope of required earthworks. We have managed to remedy several thousand (!) collisions in structures and column grid in the course of the warehouse design.

In the course of construction, Radius InSite platform has provided both our company acting as the project developer and the customer, Auchan, with a full understanding of the budget and schedule.

We are aware that our Client, Auchan, is now changing the concept of their shops and developing e-com sales actively. We are sure that the new building thanks to its advantageous location and non-standard configuration will ensure fast delivery of services to consumers and increase the operational efficiency of the company throughout Russia.

Auchan NCL is located at the intersection of two federal highways – the M-4, the A-107 (Betonka) and TSKAD in Domodedovo. The warehouse complex was built on Auchan’s own 44 ha- land plot from greenfield. The facility has been designed taking into account further development of Auchan NCL property and construction of new warehouses. The first phase of Auchan NCL property was fully prepared for operational use as all the required IT& SS and racking equipment had been installed before commissioning.