29 November 2021

Year Ending: In just two years, warehouses have turned from a "boring" segment into the leaders of commercial real estate.

Summing up the year with Коммерсантъ Конференции has become our good tradition. This year, on 1st December, we will gather with experts and market players to discuss the largest deals, landmark projects, trends & development prospects, the investment attractiveness of commercial real estate.

Zakhar Valkov, Executive Director of Radius Group:

"We are witnessing a rapid development of the warehouse market, which will definitely continue in the medium and long term. In just two years, warehouses have turned from a "boring" segment into the leaders of commercial real estate, became the main infrastructure object of 2020 and 2021, demand for which exceeds supply several times. Every year, new records are set here: in terms of the volume of transactions, the volume of facilities built, the growth of rental rates and the vacancy rate. People joke about our facilities - there are a lot of them in the Moscow region, but there are not any.

Warehouses have become in demand not only from tenants, but also from investors. At the end of 2021, we will see a record volume of investment deals approaching $1 billion, which is 30% higher than in 2020. Of course, such figures have triggered an influx of new players into the market. Office, residential, regional developers, absolutely everyone who knows how to build has decided to go into warehouses, with projects for millions of square meters announced. We will see the result in a year. So far, the behaviour of the main clients in our segment is quite conservative, just like the warehouse market itself. When choosing a partner, retailers and logisticians choose established, professional developers who can build high-quality, environmentally friendly bts just in time and at a fixed rate".