Simple, straightforward and effective.

Our approach is to maximize value to your business through customer-oriented design, minimization of risks and costs, high-quality construction and transparent property management.

  • Customer - Oriented Design Solution For Customized Building Requirements
  • MINIMIZATION OF RISKS & COSTS Collaborate With Customers & Stakeholders Including Financing Strategy
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Design & Build With Continuous Customer Input
  • TRANSPARENT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Full-Service Property Management Including Building Fit-out Process if Required
To help your business run better, we seek a deep understanding of your real estate requirements
  • E-commerce
  • Manufacturing
  • General Retail
  • Food Retail
  • Distribution Companies
  • Logistics companies
Radius Group Solutions
  • E-commerce Need reliable power, utility and data connections plus oversize mezzanines for order processing
  • Food retailers require multi-temperature facilities
  • Manufacturers Require material handing and utility capacities for assembly line production
  • Distribution Prefer locations facilitating just in time delivery capabilities
  • General retailers Need excellent locations & customizable goods handing installations.
  • Logistics companies Must have flexible internal space with the ability to expand
  • E-commerce Need reliable power, utility and data connections plus oversize mezzanines
  • Food retailers require multi-temperature facilities
Flexible and creative financing solutions that help you manage risk.
  • Customer Ownership
  • Radius Group ownership
  • Joint-Venture Ownership
We offer a full suite of financing options including fixed cost or "cost-plus" construction budgets, construction financing, long-term leasing arrangements and building purchase options, as well as construction timing and budget guarantees

Leadership and collaboration to deliver your real estate on-time and on-budget - time and time again.

We lead the complex collaboration required among your stakeholders and management teams. Together with your local and headquarter management teams, and other specialized staff around the globe, we ensure that the full-spectrum of business, technical and legal issues - from global compliance to local operating practices - are understood and solved.

Seven Steps to the best value-engineered buildings and fit-outs available in the local market and worldwide.
  • Land Allocation
  • Pre-Design
  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Construction
  • Approvals
  • Building Totlte
Our engineers and project managers work with your headquarters and local country staff from concept to construction. we utilize the leading construction contractors in the industry, employ the highest quality design specifications, manage competitive construction tenders and provide superior construction oversight. we manage risks, guarantee costs and timing and deliver value-engineered solutions - this is our value proposition to you.

Handing over the keys to your new building is just the beginning of our relationship.

Our Property Managenent team works closely with you to oversee the fit-out of buildings and launch buildlng opeatlons. We provide on-site property and asset management services that are tailored to your unique requiements.

The dellvery of a buildlng is just the beginning of a relationship built on trust.