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05 March 2013

Radius Group to build Decathlon's 32,000 m2 national distribution center in 2013

Moscow, Russia, 5 of March, 2013. – Radius Group, a responsible warehouse and manufacturing real estate development and investment solutions company, announced today that it has signed a 50 million worth contract with Decathlon, world leading sports retail company. According to the agreement Radius Group will build a distribution center for Decathlon of 32,000 M2 area in the modern South Gate Industrial Park. The total area of the industrial park is 144 hectares, and it continues to increase. The broker services for the contract were provided by CBRE, a leading company providing commercial real estate services.  
The distribution center will be put into service by summer 2013 to optimize Decathlon's logistics and mitigate company's expenses, that will have positive effects on Decathlon's customers. Decathlon will get a safe high-quality warehouse to protect its goods from damage and theft.
"Decathlon is a well-known company in Europe, and customers from Russia have appreciated its service, quality and reasonable pricing too. This company works works under some strict rules allowing to cut the expenses and maintain the prices at competitive level. We've adapted these rules to the Russian market and offered Decathlon the most optimal variant", noted Christopher Van Riet, managing director of Radius Group.
"Decathlon places advanced demands on contractors in everything that relates warehousing quality. We've chosen Radius Group as our Russian partner because this company meets all our requirements. A very convenient location of the warehouse (on the intersection of highways M-4 (Don) and A-107) and a high competency level of Radius' engineering and financial experts made this company an incredibly valuable partner. We especially recognize the fact that Radius' experts pay a great deal of attention not only to the standard parameters but also to sustainability and environment responsible. Such attitude is in demand at European companies, while it's something rare for Russia", said Decathlon's project manager.
The technical parameters of the “South Gate Industrial Park” fulfill all the necessary requirements of building codes and international corporate and construction standards. The park is located in the South of Moscow close to the Domodedovo international airport on the intersection of highways M-4 (Don) and A-107, that ensures easy access to Moscow and regions.
Decathlon's national distribution center will support 13 stores located in Moscow, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Saint Petersburg and Kazan.
Apart from Decathlon, the South Gate Industrial Park is a Russian base to some of the world’s most discerning companies, including John Deere & Company, Volvo Trucks, Paul Hartmann, FM Logistic, Iron Mountain and Tablogix.
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About Radius Group
Radius Group develops and invests in warehouse and industrial real estate in Russia, working with major international companies. 
The company was founded in 2006 by its Managing Directors Christopher Van Riet and David Simons. Radius Group provides flexible and responsible risk management, as well as financial solutions for acquisition, leasing, construction and asset management.
In its portfolio, Radius Group has a range of A class projects successfully implemented in Moscow, Kiev and Kazan. In 2009 the company started development of the South Gate industrial park with a total area of 550,000 square meters and 104 hectares in the Moscow region. 
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About South Gate Industrial Park
The industrial park is managed by Radius Group, a development and investment company specializing in development of warehousing and industrial real estate. It is located within 40 minute travel time from Moscow and 20 minutes from Domodedovo international airport. This location is ideal to meet the stringent requirements for production, logistics and distribution for companies, which need to base their businesses near Moscow.
The park is located on the intersection of highways M-4 (Don) and A-107.  The Park’s location ensures easy access to the most economically attractive markets of Russia.
South Gate Industrial Park is a Class A, Western-owned and managed master-planned environment designed for world-class companies in compliance with the highest standards for responsible international business practices.
South Gate is the first and remains the only BREEAM / Green industrial park in Russia.  This ensures South Gate tenants that its buildings have low environmental impact, lower running costs and optimum working environments.
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About Decathlon
Decathlon is an European leader in developing, manufacturing and retailing sporting goods for more than 70 sports.
Decathlon was founded in France in 1975, and it's a part of the Oxylane Group together with the other companies developing and manufacturing goods under their own brands. At the moment there are 19 exclusive brands existing in the Oxylane Group.
There are 617 Decathlon's stores working in 17 countries.
The first Russian store of Decathlon was opened on May 5, 2006. Now there are 10 stores in 6 cities of Russia: Moscow, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Saint Petersburg and Kazan.
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