South Gate Industrial Park

South Gate Industrial Park Aerial View
South Gate is Moscow’s premier warehouse park, home to a community of leading Global and russian companies.
heat vent photo

Heating and ventilation

High efficiency, forced air system maintains +18°C when -28°C outside. 90% air re-circulation.

photo fire suppress

Fire suppression systems

ESFR-25 (early suppression, fast response) sprinkler system. Wide spray-range and high water flow. Eliminates need for in-rack sprinklers.

triple pump photo

Triple-redundant fire water pumping system

Each warehouse building is protected by a 3 pump fire system - main water pump and two backups, one of which is fed by a dedicated diesel engine. Each building is supplied by a dedicated South Gate pump house with a similar three-pump set-up.

south gate building photo

Sustainability - LED Lighting

Motion-sensor controlled LED lighting provide high-lux, energy-efficient light.

floors photo


Flat and horizontal FM-2 special concrete slab floors. Floor loads of up to 7 tons per m2. FM-1 floor flatness also available.


Location of South Gate

  • 1MKAD
  • 2M4 highway route
  • 3OLD Starokashirskoye highway
  • 4Domodedovo airport bypass road
  • 5A107 highway
  • 6Express road to Domodedovo
  • 7Central Ring Road (CKD)